Friday, July 15, 2016

Marriage Talk Friday! - 4 Things to Talk to Your Fiancé About!

Welcome to Marriage Talk Friday. This is a new series that I am starting for m
y blog and hopefully you guys will enjoy it. So how it will work is that every Friday I will post a topic on marriage. If you have any request for me, just let me know.

Today topic is 4 Things to Your Fiancé About Before Getting Married.

Tip #1: Talk About Your Love Life - Talk to your fiancé. I highly recommend you talk to your partner about sex before getting married. That's why this is my #1 tip. This may be uncomfortable for many. It was for me for sure. Just make sure you guys are on the same page. Example: Just a few words about your wedding night.

Tip #2: Talk About How You Will Fight - I know it sounds silly. But boy or boy, I can not express enough how much this helped me and Andrew. We set strict boundaries before getting married. We listed what we would do if things go heated in a fight. One of those things was we would try our hardest to not raise our voice.

Tip #3: Talk About The Chores - So growing up in two different families, both of you have a different views on how the chores are divided up. Talk about how your family deals with chores and then try to find a middle that's perfect for you. Obviously it wont be concrete because once you get married to see what works best.

Tip #4: Talk About Money - Marriages often end in divorce because of money issues. Decided how you guys want to deal with money. Are you going to inform each other before purchasing something expensive? Are you going to save your wedding money? and so on.

Well that's all for today I hope you enjoyed todays topic.

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