Sunday, December 4, 2016

How Jesus Healed Me!

Good day to you all!
I have an amazing testimony for you guys today.
Before I begin I want to say God is Good. He is our healer. His love and His promises are never failing.
The song above is amazing and summarizes how I feel.
Okay on with the story. On October 13th, 2016, I had my amazing, sweet little boy born. It was one of the best days of my life. Praise God for His miracle of children.
Five days after my birth on October 18th around 7pm, I started to get chills. Fever like chills. Later in the evening I took my temperature and it was under 100.6. I believe it was something like 100.2.
That was a Tuesday. From Tuesday to Friday my fever continued. The worst part is that it kept on getting higher and higher.
My midwives thought that I had mastitis. Its a breast infection. So I got a prescription of antibiotics for mastitis on Thursday. These antibiotics didn't help and my fever kept on worsen and so were my chills.
On Friday night, my fever rose to a dangerous temperature. It was 105. This is when we decided enough is enough and we are going to the ER.
The days before we went into the ER, we tried many different medicines and home remedies to help with the fever but nothing seemed to help.
Before we headed out to the ER my mom called my uncle and asked him to pray for me and to call the pastor of the church and the prayer group to pray.
We got to the hospital at 10pm. Right away they gave me a couple of ivs right away, took my blood and a urinary test.
When the nurse was taking my blood I started to have a panic attack mixed with chills. This has to be the scariest thing I went thru. My body started to shake violently on the hospital bed. My legs bouncing inches and inches of the bed.  I was shaking violently and uncontrollably for almost ten minutes. I had my midwife holding my feet while my husband was laying his body against mine.
After that past the ER doctor came in and decided to give me antibiotics and told me that I have a kidney or bladder infection.
At 3am I got admitted to my room. In the morning a new doctor came in and said she doesn't think I have kidney infections. So they started to make speculations and many of them. They started to run all the exams on me. I got pelvic exam, lung exam, a chest exam, tons of blood work, and other exams I cant recall. And Praise to God all test came back negative.
I was at the hospital from 10 pm Friday to 12 noon of Monday.
Sunday is when God reveal His power to me. At this point, family and friends were praying. Our church was prayer. Folks in other states where praying as well as in Ukraine and in Czech. I am so grateful to everyone that prayed for me. May our Father in Heaven bless you.
Sunday afternoon, I was getting ready to go for my stomach exam. It was in another room. I had to get an ultrasound. Before we went I asked my husband and my mom, who where there with me the whole time, to pray with me. I felt as though this was the time I will get healed.
We prayed as hard as we could. We called out on the name of Jesus Christ. AND HE HEARD US. PRAISE JESUS. After the prayer, on the right side of my stomach I felt something heavy, as if it is pulling down to the side. Within seconds of feeling the heaviness it moved towards the center of my stomach and the again moved. It was so crazy to experience one of my organs move.

I don't know what was wrong with my body but all I know is that Jesus healed and that's all I really need to know. After feeling that my whole body change. My face change from being puffy and pale to normal almost immediately. I became filled with joy and peace. I couldn't stop rejoicing to God. I was so happy.

After I got healed, they took me away to do an ultra sound on my stomach. I was positive they wouldn't find anything.

The following morning, on Monday, the results came past and they were negative. Praise God. The doctors came and said they cant find anything and I am absoutly fine and  I can go home.

This was a hard time for me but I am grateful to God that He gave me strength to get thru it all. Thank you all that prayed for me. God bless you all. Thank you for letting me share my story on here.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Home Birth Story | The Birth of Joseph Andrew

      Welcome, today I will be telling you my birth story. As you can tell by the title I had home birth. I originally planned to give birth at the hospital but then saw the concept of birthing at home and fell in love with it.
     Okay so before I go any further I want to make myself very clear. I am here to tell my story and by no means do I mean to brag. I don't want to come across that way. Every birth is different and unique and beautiful in its own ways. There are difficult births and there are also easy births but every birth is a miracle.
     I was due October 4th but ended up giving birth on October 13th at 12:34am.
     My contraction started at the ended of September and went on until I was in labor. They where on and off, a total of a few days, some mild and some intense.
     On October 12th around 4pm, I started to feel some back pain as I was putting the dishes into the dishwasher. I thought nothing much of it. After I was done with dishes I went to the AT&T store with my folks. In the car I started to feel mild contraction. Again I didn't think much of it because the previous week I had contractions that were intense! These didn't even hurt, they where just annoying.
     When we returned from the store, me and my husband made dinner. After we where done I decided to lay down just for a couple of minutes because my back was killing me. We just put all the sheets and mattress protector to wash.
     This is around 6:30pm, I laid down on the bed. I grab a icecream to snack on and started to complain to my husband why I am having fake contractions and why is the baby not coming and then literally when I said that my water broke. It literally went like this, " Ugh, babe why is this baby not coming out!!!" and then "blop", "OH MY GOODNESS! BABE MY WATER BROKE!!!".
     Right away we got the phone to call my midwife. My sweet little contractions turned into painful, intense contraction. Within minutes I was on the ground biting my tongoue at how bad it hurt. My husband was the one talking to my midwife and she told him to call her right away if I need to push. Well like five minutes later I felt like I needed to push but I tried to hold it in until they arrived.
     My midwifery team arrived like 15 minutes after I called them. My midwifery team is Angela, Cassidy, Maggie, Kristina. Once they arrived Cassidy helped me get into the shower while they filled up the birthing pool. The shower was great it got rid of some pain but its got nothing on the birthing pool. Ya'll its true what they all say about the hot water. It really is natures epidural. Before I got into the tub. Angela wanted to check how dilated I was. At this point I was 5cm dilated and almost completely thinned out.
     Getting into the pool was amazing. It relieved so much of the pain. You have no idea.
     If you ever decided to have a home birth, Please make sure you have a birth pool or get into the tub. Just trust me on this one.
     I had Andrew (my husband) and Cassidy by my side most of the time. My mom too at times. Maggie and Angela where also in the room but they where resting since it was getting late into the night and I was just sitting in the pool. They all toke turns to be with me but Cassidy was holding my hand most of the time. And sweet Kristina was recording everything for our file.
     Its was 5 hours and 15 minutes before I started pushing. Before actually starting to push, I had a few strong urges to push but I knew it could get stronger so I waited until I couldn't anymore. I started pushing in the pool and then moved onto the bed.
     I moved onto the bed because Angela wanted to check me. Because while pushing in the pool they saw it bulging down there but that's all. So they just wanted to make sure it was time.
     Heads ups this is a birth story and it may get TMI. If you can't take, this is your warning here.
     I got out of the pool and got onto my bed. She checked me and she said I am almost ready and that there is a little bit that's left and that if I push she can just push it over the baby's head. With the next push she did her thing and pushed what was left over the babys head.
     Before I go futher ahead, I want to mention that before going into labor I read a book called Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth. I would recommend this book to absouletly everyone. I believe this is one of the reason I had an easy and relaxing labor. The information that I learned in this book really helped me understand how my body works during labor. This biggest take away from this was the mind and body connection. This is what I used throughout my labor, especially towards the end of labor.
     OK, so I decieded to stay on the bed and not get back into the tub. Because its really hard to move when you have a baby that is coming out. I continued to push. As I was getting closer to having my baby, I really tried to focus all my energy on opening up. This is where the mind and body connection comes in. Before the last two pushes when my baby came out, I was letting a contraction build up and I was focusing on opening up. This is one of my favorite parts of birth besides pushing my baby out. As I was focusing on it opening up, I actually believe it or not felt how my vagina opened up and was letting the babys head out more. My husband was next to me and my midwifes as well, they all witness this. This was truly remarkable, counting the fact that I wasn't pushing just using my mind.
     Like I just mention, my husband was with me the whole entire time. He didn't leave my side for one mintues. I love how supportive he was and how into it he was. While we where on the bed, he was holding my hand and witnessing every moment of his first born son.
     I love the ending of my birth. It was so relaxing and amazing. Almost as if it was orgasmic when the baby was coming out.
     When I pushed out my babys head, I was suppose to wait before I push the rest of the body out. but once I pushed the head out, my body just did its own this. This is the part where it felt almost orgasmic. As the baby head came out, It was like slow montion for me from then on. I felt how my babys whole body turned inside me and came out. I don't know how to explain the feeling except that it was unbelievable. I was told crowning and when the baby would turn would hurt the most but it didn't. Which I am so grateful for.
     When the baby comes out, they laid him straight onto my chest. It was such a beautiful moment. I felt as if I was in slow montion. I could hear everyone around me but didn't understand them. I was in the moment. I was in shock what my body just did.
     Then tears ran down my face as well as my husband. My mom was in the room as well, that was the moment when I told her just how much I love her. At that point I understood her love for me.
     The rest of my story is quite normal and self explainatory but I'll still go ahead and tell you about it. After some time that I was laying with the baby they decided to have me push again to get my plecenta out. This was an  embarrassing part for me. As I was pushing out my placenta, I first pushed out a gush of blood straight at my midwife. Yup, I know. Well anyways placenta came out and they started to examine me. I should mention I lost quite a bit of blood. By quite a bit I mean ALOT.
     As they start to clean me and check me they noticed that I had a first degree tear and it was to the side. They decided to sow me up but after 20 minutes or so, the swelling started to go down and they decided it can heal by itself. That was a huge relief for me because I was very scared of getting stiches.
     And that's all of it. I want to say a great thank you to my husband first of all, for being by my side the whole time and supporting me. I want to thank my mom for giving birth to me and helping me in my birth. Finally, I want to thank the most amazing midwives  and women I have ever met. Truly working with them has been an amazing journey. I am so blessed by you guys. Thank you for supporting me and helping me bring my little bundle of joy into this world.
     I hope you all enjoyed reading about my birth story.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tips on Saving Money on a Baby Shower

Alright, so as many of you know having a kid is kind of expensive. Actually who am I kidding. Its not kind of expensive, IT IS EXPENSIVE.

So when I was planning my baby shower for our little boy. I wanted to spend as little money as I could. We still spent more then I wanted but way less then most people.

So here are my tips!

Tip #1:  Girl, go to the Dollar Store!
  • Mmhmm you hear me. Dollar Tree is WONDERFUL! I got all of the decorations there, along with food platters, cups, plates, spoons, and forks. Image result for dollar tree decor aisle
Tip #2: Make your own invitations!
    Image result for onesie invitation
    I just found this one on google but I made almost the exact same one.
  • Yup! Why pay for invitations if you can make them yourself. I found a onesie cut out on Pinterest and put it onto Microsoft Word. Wrote all the info on it, printed it out and then cut them all out. Then I made cute blue ribbon bows ties and attached it on the onesie.
 Tip #3: Don't order a cake!
  • Ordering a cake is expensive. It can range anywhere from $100 to $500. I suggested to make you own cake. Bake it, Frost it, and decorate it with anything. If you don't bake, they sell boxed cake mix in like every store.
Tip #4: Make your own food and desserts!
  • Again hiring someone to make food for a party Is expensive. For our baby showers, we had family pitch in and help make a couple of desserts. You can have all your guest bring something or you can have just a few close family members bring a few things.

Tips #5: Don't over load on the decoration!
  • A little can go a long way. And honestly most of the people will forget how it looked like 2 weeks later.

Thank you for reading. I hope these 5 tips helped you. Have a great day!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Oregon Beach Trip With Kitten

Hi Ya'll, just wanted to share a few pictures from Sundays beach trip. We went to the ship wreck in Astoria, OR and then afterwards headed to Seaside, OR.

I hope you guys enjoy.

And before I go. I wanted to mention we brought along our cute kitten named Bella.

Do you guys have a traveling pet? We are training our cat to be one. 

Nadie Komarova