Sunday, December 4, 2016

How Jesus Healed Me!

Good day to you all!
I have an amazing testimony for you guys today.
Before I begin I want to say God is Good. He is our healer. His love and His promises are never failing.
The song above is amazing and summarizes how I feel.
Okay on with the story. On October 13th, 2016, I had my amazing, sweet little boy born. It was one of the best days of my life. Praise God for His miracle of children.
Five days after my birth on October 18th around 7pm, I started to get chills. Fever like chills. Later in the evening I took my temperature and it was under 100.6. I believe it was something like 100.2.
That was a Tuesday. From Tuesday to Friday my fever continued. The worst part is that it kept on getting higher and higher.
My midwives thought that I had mastitis. Its a breast infection. So I got a prescription of antibiotics for mastitis on Thursday. These antibiotics didn't help and my fever kept on worsen and so were my chills.
On Friday night, my fever rose to a dangerous temperature. It was 105. This is when we decided enough is enough and we are going to the ER.
The days before we went into the ER, we tried many different medicines and home remedies to help with the fever but nothing seemed to help.
Before we headed out to the ER my mom called my uncle and asked him to pray for me and to call the pastor of the church and the prayer group to pray.
We got to the hospital at 10pm. Right away they gave me a couple of ivs right away, took my blood and a urinary test.
When the nurse was taking my blood I started to have a panic attack mixed with chills. This has to be the scariest thing I went thru. My body started to shake violently on the hospital bed. My legs bouncing inches and inches of the bed.  I was shaking violently and uncontrollably for almost ten minutes. I had my midwife holding my feet while my husband was laying his body against mine.
After that past the ER doctor came in and decided to give me antibiotics and told me that I have a kidney or bladder infection.
At 3am I got admitted to my room. In the morning a new doctor came in and said she doesn't think I have kidney infections. So they started to make speculations and many of them. They started to run all the exams on me. I got pelvic exam, lung exam, a chest exam, tons of blood work, and other exams I cant recall. And Praise to God all test came back negative.
I was at the hospital from 10 pm Friday to 12 noon of Monday.
Sunday is when God reveal His power to me. At this point, family and friends were praying. Our church was prayer. Folks in other states where praying as well as in Ukraine and in Czech. I am so grateful to everyone that prayed for me. May our Father in Heaven bless you.
Sunday afternoon, I was getting ready to go for my stomach exam. It was in another room. I had to get an ultrasound. Before we went I asked my husband and my mom, who where there with me the whole time, to pray with me. I felt as though this was the time I will get healed.
We prayed as hard as we could. We called out on the name of Jesus Christ. AND HE HEARD US. PRAISE JESUS. After the prayer, on the right side of my stomach I felt something heavy, as if it is pulling down to the side. Within seconds of feeling the heaviness it moved towards the center of my stomach and the again moved. It was so crazy to experience one of my organs move.

I don't know what was wrong with my body but all I know is that Jesus healed and that's all I really need to know. After feeling that my whole body change. My face change from being puffy and pale to normal almost immediately. I became filled with joy and peace. I couldn't stop rejoicing to God. I was so happy.

After I got healed, they took me away to do an ultra sound on my stomach. I was positive they wouldn't find anything.

The following morning, on Monday, the results came past and they were negative. Praise God. The doctors came and said they cant find anything and I am absoutly fine and  I can go home.

This was a hard time for me but I am grateful to God that He gave me strength to get thru it all. Thank you all that prayed for me. God bless you all. Thank you for letting me share my story on here.

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