Monday, August 8, 2016

Our "Babymoon" Vacation!

Hi Friends so I gotta brag a little bit about my husband today. On Friday afternoon, my hubby called me and said "Pack your bags, We are going away for the weekend." I was like "SAY WHAT?! Are you being serious?" Turns out he ordered the tickets few minutes before calling and wanted to surprise me. Isn't he just the sweetest?

Well I decided to share a few pictures with you from our stay at Kahneeta. I wish I took more photos but I forgot to.

If you don't know about Kahneeta. Kahneeta is a lodge in Warm Springs, Oregon. It's one of our favorite places to go for the weekend.

We left to the lodge at 4:30ish right after my husband came back from work. Its a two hour drive from our house.

On Friday, we just watched our favorite show on Netflix. Which is Limitless for now and we just went swimming.

On Saturday, it was sorta of the same thing. The only difference was we got to sleep in and we did word prompts, Sudoku, and some reading. We also went out for dinner in the evening.

On Sunday, we got breakfast at the lodge. Ya'll need to have breakfast there if you are ever visiting. After, we started packing and we watched our show and then we the village pool. Which is bigger and warmer than the pool at the lodge.

Before we left the lodge, we took some photos.

And that concludes our 'Babymoon' Vacation stay at The Kahneeta Resort.

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