Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Proverb 31 Woman

Hey you guys, Today I wanted to talk about the Proverb 31 Woman.  I wanted to share with you how I simplified the verses or more like put them into my own words for better understanding. Becoming a Proverbs woman is very simple yet very hard.
I put the verses in the simplest form. Every time I read this passage I like to ask myself questions. Examples like Does my husband trust me? Am I ready for anything that God sends my way? If not what can I change to get closer to this.
VERSES 10-31
Her husband trusts her
She works willingly with her hand and does not complain
She is not lazy
She provides for her family (Anywhere from working to preparing meals in the kitchen)
She thinks before doing/buying things
She is strong
She is ready for anything
She seeks only the best for her family
She speaks with wisdom, love and kindness
We as women often think well this woman is just perfect I will never be able to become like her. But actually its all very simple. The only hard part about it is that we actually have to try and put this into action. God can help us though. Every thing you ask Him in prayer that's by His will, you will receive.
By no means do I think I got this down. That is why I am posting this today. To encourage you and to motivate my self.
This is a short post this week but I wanted to just encourage you to stay strong and lets be on this journey on becoming a Godly woman together.
Be Strong. Be Courageous. Be Faithful.
Be Who God Created You to Be.
Love you guys.
-Nadie Komarova

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